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COMYNS BEAUMONT'S seminal, near mythical work, "THE GREAT DECEPTION", written in 1953, is possibly better known to most as "AFTER
ATLANTIS - The Greatest Story Never Told
"; a title Robert Stephanos planned to use for his own reinterpretation of the book.

We finally uncovered Comyns Beaumont's manuscript only last year, after almost 63 years of concealment.

In "
THE GREAT DECEPTION", Comyns Beaumont addresses the manipulation of belief by invading forces for purposes of control, assumed,
possibly naively, by the author, to have been intended initially as a short-term fix which has lasted until the present day with very serious,
life-threatening consequences for the entire world, as displayed in the current, rapidly worsening situation. The names of "sacred" sites in
Britain (energetically powerful for various reasons) were transferred to more convenient but less convincing places in the Middle East,
where most people, disregarding the anomalies, believe they belong, to this day.

What the Roman conquerors were trying to control here was the faith in the old knowledge of the meaning and operation of life, death
and spirit, and how closely it is bound up with the energies present in the planet (which Tesla rediscovered) and cycles of the cosmos.
These cycles, some of which are unconscionably long, involve evolution and destruction, two things that are also bound up together. The
most recent cataclysm which came to pass through one such cycle was caused by the impact of a huge (twin) comet, which destroyed vast
areas of land here, sank some, and split others off from the mainland.

Comyns Beaumont, like many before him, argues that this visitation was the starting point for religion as we know it today. The fixed
stars, planets and odd bodies that acted unexpectedly became the "gods" to be propitiated by means of prayers and pious offerings. The
dank dark  "Underworld" of the Greeks and Egyptians, reached via a long sea voyage, was a memory of the Motherland in the west. Fiery
Hell, similarly, and Satan, originated here, in the underground bases used at various times for the magical practices of the Sethites (from
the Shetlands) and for the manufacture of weapons, for which Moses was responsible.

Having either entered intrigued or been pitched kicking and screaming into awareness of "spirit", a person finds their perception of
"reality" expanding exponentially, and the more questions that are answered, the more there are that arise. Having rediscovered that
death is not an end but a transition, the investigator first looks into what happens "over there", then tries to relate and apply it to what
happens back "here", in order to improve matters for self and others.

The matter of personal responsibility becomes paramount, and we realise that we cannot ever shirk responsibility for our actions, or
indeed the thoughts giving rise to them, for the thought and the action are hardly two separate entities. We begin to understand that our
thoughts can affect matter as effectively as our actions.
Dr Emoto established this beyond any doubt with his experiments with water.

We begin to look further - beyond the "mere" fact of survival after death - to try to uncover more secrets, and to try to understand how
and why those we are capable of comprehending were ever concealed from us. Sadly, we cannot fail to discover that the very "religions"
meant to deal with such matters are in fact devices to confuse and control us, and to prevent us even seeing there are questions to be
addressed. These "religions" are being used now as they were in the time of the Romans, and doubtless before that, probably by the same
group of people on or off planet, to manipulate, control and manage the numbers of the population.

We are told that we live in a world of dualities, of opposing ideas, but is this truly the case? Are we not, rather, encouraged - programmed
even - to think  in these ridiculously simplified terms for the benefit of some "other". Between blackness and whiteness, for example, lies
the entire visible spectrum, thus illustrating that these two "opposites" are merely markers of the limits falsely imposed on ONE of the
"senses" through which we have been designed and/or adapted intentionally by some off-planet entities or by means of cosmic impact
(which itself may be an arranged rather than a chance event).

Black and white are meaningless except in terms of the limits of the vibrations we are able to pick up through our eyes. There is an infinite
range which we divide off into separate categories depending on how we perceive them physically, or whether we require technological -
or chemical - assistance.

The fact that we cannot
see something does not mean that IT DOES NOT EXIST.

Concentrating on the visible and making it the primary way we are "entertained" gives enormous power to those in control of such
"entertainment" PROGRAMMES. Once an image - especially a moving image in the most effective colours, and preferably an image which
arouses the baser emotions - has entered the mind through the eyes, it is impossible to get rid of it. It is difficult to understand why any
human being would want such power, unless they in turn were controlled, and it would have to be another species or  type of being who
was controlling them.

Another "species", or being operating on a different level, on or off planet, visible or invisible, could be perceived/interpreted in many
ways, but let's play the duality game for the purposes of illustration. Aliens would fit in here, and so would "God". (Calling in at this point
from the "spirit" world you would also get lesser gods and angels, but we won't complicate matters).

"God" is
good  to believe in; aliens are bad/mad  to believe in.

Neither, of course, even vaguely approaches the tiny part of the vast spectral range of universal reality we could perceive if we allowed
ourselves, but the duality is indispensable for control.

The separation into "matter" and "spirit" is the first and most important false duality. It is obvious - or ought to be by now, given the huge
(and increasingly terrifying) things going on
under the Swiss mountains - that the duality of spirit and matter needs to be dissolved in our

This in turn causes to melt away the duality of life and death - as much two falsely imposed limits as black and white.

Once we can see through this - not "veil", more "immensely thick wall of wobbly and opaque glass" - we not only cease to be desolate when
we "lose" those we love to the "valley of the shadow of death" (an actual physical place, addressed in another article), but we can also
begin to understand a little of how the whole thing operates, and is