Kermit Roosevelt Jr, to Miles Copeland:

“...first, we, of all people, should have understood what it meant to know something, and to
appreciate the difference between knowing and believing.
“Second, as propagandists we should have understood that ‘information’ must be fashioned
to fit beliefs, not knowledge.
“Mussolini knew the difference (‘I don’t want my people to know,’ he said, ‘I want them to
believe’); so should we. But it was the beliefs of our targets that mattered, not our own.”
Miles Copeland, The Game Player, autobiography of a CIA agent

By 1959, while Archie Leach aka Cary Grant was preaching the wonders of
LSD, the CIA were running tests on volunteers in Palo Alto and Menlo Park,
overseen by former OSS doctor Gregory Bateson (husband of anthropologist
Margaret Mead), to study the effects of
LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, cocaine,
AMT, and DMT. Test subjects were paid to report on their experiences: $150.00
for an LSD session. Among the participants were Leonard Cohen,
, Ken Kesey - and Robert Burns (later Hunter), lyricist for the
Grateful  Dead:

“I used to do psychology experiments - you could get $10 or $15 for doing them, and this was
one of them, only this paid better. I had a romping good time. They wanted to find out
whether it increased my ability to be hypnotised. Just a couple of years back I found out it
was military or the CIA or something, that they were trying to find its value as a weapon. For
me they would’ve found out absolutely nothing. I told Jerry, but there was no way to get a
hold of any of this stuff; it wasn’t on the streets yet or anything.”
Robert Hunter interview, Rolling Stone, March 9, 2015


“It’s a matter of fact that most of the LSD in America in the late 50s and early 60s was
brought in by the CIA and given around to hospitals to find out if these drugs could be used
for brainwashing or for military purposes... The whole concept of the Brotherhood of Eternal
Love is like a bogeyman invented by the narcs. The Brotherhood was about eight surfer kids
from Southern California, Laguna Beach, who took the LSD, and they practised the religion
of the worship of nature, and they’d go into the mountains... The CIA did distribute LSD. As
a matter of fact, the DEA is out there right now setting up phony busts, setting up people,
selling dope. And it’s well known that during the Reagan administration Ollie North was
shipping up tons of cocaine to buy money to give to the Contras and the Iranians.”