The Cooke family, influential for many generations both in Hawaii and on the
mainland, threw up one John Starr Cooke, who gained a reputation as a bit of
a wizard. He was certainly exerting influence behind the scenes, and his Tarot
of One inspired  the similarly-named
Church of One. He spent time in
Tangier with Gysin and
Burroughs, investigating the magical workings of

Nancy Cooke De Herrera, of the same family, travelled the world making
friends and influencing influential people for many years, ostensibly as a
fashion ambassador. She even travelled to Rishikesh when all those famous
people (including some who looked a bit like The
Beatles) went there in 1968,
as she was by then working for the
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Excerpt from BEHIND OPEN DOORS, Ch 13, Too Many Cookes:
"The Starr-Cooke-Mellon-Hitchcock dynasty was and is still hugely influential in America
and throughout the world. While the Great Depression robbed families like the Rockefellers,
Morgans, Mellons, Starrs and Cookes of some of their wealth, they still held a lot of power -
and they still weren't actually short of a bob or two either. Castle & Cooke was one of the Big
Five companies in Hawaii. The Mellons went on to have Gulf Oil.
"Andrew Mellon was US Treasury Secretary during the Depression, and the husband of his
daughter Ailsa, David Bruce, was the OSS chief in London. CIA funds were regularly
channelled through Mellon family foundations, and CIA boss Richard Helms spent
weekends with the Mellons in Pittsburgh from the mid-sixties to early seventies.
"In 1962, Mellon's great nephew William Mellon Hitchcock – the very same - was called to
London by David Bruce to meet ubiquitous osteopath, gay socialite and apparently all-
round agent Stephen Ward, ostensibly for a briefing on the 'Profumo affair'. War Minister
John Profumo was involved with Christine Keeler whom he had met at one of Ward's
notorious 'masonic' sex parties – complete with aprons  (but little else) for the ladies - at Lord
Astor’s Cliveden residence, resulting in a scandal that came close to toppling the British