Nigel and Jenny came into my life through 101 Cromwell Road, and Chris Case, then
working for my fascinating exasperating friend forever Robert Fraser.”
Christopher Gibbs

Christopher Gibbs virtually invented the hippie style of the 1960s,
travelling to Morocco for his antiques business and bringing back fabulous
things that his friends used to furnish their houses - especially after
Mick Jagger
bought a house down the road from Chrissie and asked him to furnish it for
him. When David Cammell saw it he asked him to design the set for
Performance. Chrissie's flat was used for the party scene in Antonioni's Blow

Later in life Chrissie moved to  Tangier where he lived with his partner
Hinwood until his sad passing in July 2018, just before his 80th birthday. I so
enjoyed speaking with him while writing the book. He was a truly lovable man
and although I did not know him long, I miss him terribly.