I absolutely loved talking with Joe Mellen when researching the book. He's
intelligent and witty and very perceptive and empathetic. Definitely operating
on a higher level...

He was a great friend of fellow Etonian
Christopher Gibbs, though
Christopher proudly boasted to me that he had never visited the 'acid fountain'
that was
Pont Street. Joe and another school-friend Desmond O'Brien helped
with the foundation of the
WPC there, which Michael Hollingshead was
encouraged by
Leary to set up in order to get London ready and turned on in
time for his own great arrival which was to be celebrated with a grand occasion
for the like of which
Wholly Communion at the Royal Albert Hall could only
have provided the warm-up act. In the event it didn't happen, and Michael and
WPC collapsed in ruins.

Joe however, having early visited Ibiza, met there, not only
Acid King David
(who later had a hand in the Redlands bust), but also
Bart Huges, trepanning
expert. Joe and his then partner,
Amanda Feilding, now Lady Neidpath and the
brain behind the
Beckley Foundation, trepanned themselves. The story is told
very graphically in Joe's book
Bore Hole.

These days Joe, who has a young family, campaigns for greater awareness on the
subject of trepanation and also keeps on pushing for the mechanism behind the
effects of
LSD to be more widely known. It does make sense, and it is extremely
important. The hallucinations are a side-effect which can be avoided on the road
to higher consciousness if the right procedures are followed.