Timothy Leary travelled to Mexico in 1960 with a group of friends to try
psychedelic mushrooms. The following year he was teaching at Harvard when
he was approached by
Michael Hollingshead who had been sent by Aldous
Huxley. Michael had a batch of Sandoz

Michael later lived with Leary and friends on the Millbrook Estate owned by the
Mellons. Leary had had a brief affair with
Peggy Hitchcock Mellon (she of the
Pentagon flowers) and so had more influence with the family than he
otherwise might, though to be fair they were all working for the
CIA to a
greater or lesser degree.

Leary gave
LSD to JFK's mistress who in turn gave it to the President.

BEHIND OPEN DOORS, Ch 6: Love and Haight:

"...on January 21, 1970, he [Leary] was jailed for ten years for possession of two marijuana
roaches, with a further ten years added later for a previous possession arrest in 1965. When
Tim arrived in prison, he was given psychological tests he himself had designed (including the
Leary Interpersonal Behaviour Test) so he knew all the right boxes to tick to come over as
a staid man with a healthy interest in plants. As a result, he was sent to work as a gardener in
a lower security prison from which he 'escaped' in September 1970, leaving an amusing note.
The Weathermen were paid via The Brotherhood of Eternal Love to smuggle him and
his wife out of the United States and into Algeria.
"Leary was eventually arrested on a plane in Kabul and returned to the United States where
he was held on five million dollars bail, having been humorously described by Nixon as “the
most dangerous man in America.” The judge at his remand hearing warned, “If he is allowed
to travel freely, he will speak publicly and spread his ideas.” Facing a total of 95 years in
prison, Leary was placed in solitary confinement in Folsom. He later claimed that no one was
ever prosecuted based on any information he gave to the FBI."