In the sixties, when society appeared to deconstruct itself, one of the reasons
given was that conventional religion had lost its grip on its former adherents.
New religions were therefore invented, the most successful being Scientology,
a shameless system of mind control whose founder,
Lafayette Ronald
Hubbard, had originally called Dianetics, after his daughter Diana (though
other etymologies are possible).

Both the
Cookes and the Rockefellers were very taken with the new 'science'
of Dianetics and eventually carried the system to Tangier, where
and Gysin became caught up in it.
John Starr Cooke went on to form the
Church of One
based on his Tarot system, with the help of Michael Bowen,
who was sent to inform
Leary, Hollingshead and friends at Millbrook, an
Estate owned by the Mellon family, in New York.

They organised the
Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park, and the pantomime
at the Pentagon where they failed to levitate the building but got some nice
photos, thanks to Peggy Hitchcock-Mellen who paid for the flowers.

Other attempts at new religions included the
'DeGrimston's' Process Church
of the Final Judgement, and Howard Stanton (aka Anton) LaVey's Church
of Satan. The most successful new control systems, however, were psychology
and drugs.