Hitchhikers Guide to the Isles of Wonder 42 secrets by Mason Bigelow image
The book addresses Adams' preoccupation with 42 and, having uncovered some of
its massive significance for the Cosmos and the planet over vast ages, carries on to
investigate the notion of the Isles of Wonder as depicted in the 2012 Olympics,
where we discover much more beneath the surface than you might have expected...
and not so much buried, nor even hidden - but rather paraded brazenly before us
to test our reactions:
The 'Shakspere'/Spear-Shaker/Bacon theme, with the 'Tempest' references; the
Tor, and the workers emerging from their underground bases; Queen Elizabeth as
Queen of Heaven, descending like a falling star, with her special advisor 007
(Bond, this time, rather than Dee); Caliban warning us that the Isle is full of
noises, as the  Schumann Resonances increase to hitherto unknown levels; the
bells, reminiscent of the Berlin Olympics where the 'bell' reminded us of Thule
and Vril; the worship of the deified bright orb in the sky - SUN, or SET? And one
last bit of curious magic in the shape of a performance by the most in-your-face
shape-shifter of our time...

I realise that this reads like just so much of your average conspiracy theory - until
all the threads are pulled together, by a single significant  event - the most recent
worldwide cataclysm, brought about, according to Comyns Beaumont, through
collision with a comet some 3500 years ago, curiously coinciding with the end of
the thirteen years war; both having taken place in what is now Britain; the case
for which he argues most convincingly.

His research leads to disturbing conclusions, the most important being that all
the history we have ever been taught is a lie mainly due to what was arranged at
the Council of Nicaea in 325AD by Constantine, with the help of Helena his mother
who went off to the Middle East looking for wood and re-naming places, in order
that the old philosophy and belief system of Britain could be distorted into a form
that would be used from then on to control the greater part of the world. This,
added to the relocation of history cum myth by those survivors of the catastrophe
and subsequent flood who settled in other parts of the world has served to
obliterate the true heritage and history of Britain even unto the present day.

Jerusalem, Moab, Noah and Ab'Ram... Deucalion, Orpheus, Athens, and the
Underworld all had their origins and their reality in the North Lands - here, in
Eden, the Hesperides, the Isles of the Blest.

The origins of Satan and Quetzalcoatl, Baphomet and Robin Hood, Aslan and
Hermes, the Golden Ass and the Cockatrice, the Labyrinth and the Morris Dance
are all explained. Along with the Birds and the Bees, the true Shake-spear, the
Aegis, and the mind-altering honey of Eleusis.

AND the question that gives rise to the ultimate answer...
art: ben sims and astrid mendez
so long, old dna,* and thanks for all the fish...
do you really believe it all just came to him in a flash one
morning in a field - the answer to life, the universe and
well, whatever he had been doing the night before, he
discovered some BIG truths!
hidden away in all that humour (by far the safest way to
divulge the truth) are all the answers you could ever need
to solve your deep metaphysical conundrums.
explore with us the origins of the incoming whale, the
vogons, and the krikkit wars, before we take you through
a stargate to jupiter and beyond, to the beginnings and
ends of time, rearranging the geography of the entire
planet on the way...
it will not be a comfortable ride and the world to which
you return will be upside down. you have been misled for
many centuries by those you thought you could trust, by
toutatis! asterix had a rational fear - the sky HAD fallen
down! and not for the first time - or the last...
ok, towel at the ready?
NOW you can panic!
*as adams was known to his friends
The Death Tableau by Craig Herbertson cover image
Paperback: 18.00 GBP
Death Tableau
US Dollar price on
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Like a bad attack of migraine that recedes but never leaves, THE DEATH TABLEAU is a
discomforting excursion into the essential seediness and wearisome tedium of real and terrifying

Using word pictures that hit you like a brick wall, Herbertson tests his feisty hero to the limit
and beyond.

With a backstory already containing enough 'pain' for several lifetimes, the independent
Professor Peralis, a widowed academic turned businesswoman, has several seemingly chance
encounters and, drawn into a web of low magick, endures a vile process of dehumanisation,
involving rape, violence and mental torture.

At times touching on the brilliance of Lewis and Priestley with his descriptions of things beyond
description, Herbertson takes his readers beyond the wardrobe of fantastical psychic outfits
necessary for the performance of our daily masques of mundanity, showing how the true ashlar is
wrought only through being hit quite hard with sharp objects.

The dramatic rooftop denouement could be a scene from David Lindsay,  transposed to 'eighties

The Tragical Historie of our Late Brother Robert Earl of Essex cover image
The Hitchhiker's guide to the Isles of Wonder cover image
Colossal encyclopaedic work
on the
ISLES of WONDER backstory, taking
in the origins
of all language,
religion and philosophy.

adorns the cover of Mason's latest
NEW Shakespearean revelations
from the man himself!
Taken from the cipher stories, this
play gives a shocking insight into
the court of Elizabeth 1,
confirming, completing
and connecting
the myriad half-truths
we have been subjected to
over the centuries.

Adapted by Mason Bigelow,
this is a previously unshown play
by the true Spear Shaker
of St Albans,
as opposed to the actor
from Stratford
with the vaguely similar name.

The Prince of the Purple Thread cover image
slightly older news...