I'm not sure whether Christopher has been Fred to my Daphne or Shaggy to my Velma in the quest to unearth the
long 'lost'
MS of THE GREAT DECEPTION, but it has been at best Scooby Doo-ish, and oftimes Kafka-esque.

Having had a lifetime hyper-fondness for all things Noahic and Diluvian - all the children and grandchildren had a
toy ark - I came across Comyns Beaumont eventually through the work of Andrew Hennessy and Barry Dunsford.
I managed to find a copy of 'The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain', and went on to read the others, and eventually got
to republish them.

The elusive 'After Atlantis' (so-called by Robert Stephanos) continued to elude me, however, until I became
acquainted with a Scottish-based author who claimed to have seen the manuscript in Edinburgh.

I was told that the
MS  had been taken to Edinburgh to be assessed, safeguarded and possibly even published
by the Comyns Beaumont Institute there, some years ago.

We sent letter after letter, to no avail. The Estate of Comyns Beaumont also tried communicating.

I am a mason, so I tried the masonic approach. I forgot that I am a woman, and therefore not taken seriously
in most such circles. That, sadly, did not surprise me, but another aspect did. The material in these books,
and most particularly the final volume, explains very clearly much that is otherwise baffling (as much to masons
as to non-masons) about many of their rites, especially the Scottish Rite, and most particularly the ritual of the
Prince Rose Croix of Heredom. This ritual blatantly displays the truth regarding Jerusalem, the Temple, the
Flood, the Great Catastrophe, and - Mount Heredom itself, yet few masons see it. But I am straying from the
path and may end up lost in the mountain...

While that last paragraph was going on, Christopher had managed to rediscover the greater part of Comyns
Beaumont's papers, which unfortunately had to go into storage for some months due to a house move,
but - wonder in the land - when the box eventually emerged in September 2015, therein he found
the manuscript.
It was barely legible, with many handwritten notes, and my already failing eyesight suffered further assaults by it,
but we did it!
We got the book!
The Journey