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Charles Williams

A thrilling adventure featuring the Crown of Solomon, a
murderous prince, the Chief Justice of England, a God-fearing
Arabian Cleric, Sir Giles Tumulty - the rudest
scientist-archaeologist-adventurer ever, and the Chief Justice's
secretary, Miss Chloe Burnett.

Within the Crown of Suleiman bin Daood (King Solomon) is a
mystical stone of legendary power. Sir Giles has acquired it and
wants to learn to control its powers, Prince Ali must recover it to
restore the honour of his family, Reginald Montague wants to use
it to found a business empire and become fabulously rich - but
perhaps the stone has ideas of its own?

As in other books
Charles Williams draws the attention of
readers who take him seriously to the real danger inherent in
applying the will to operate on the conditions which give it reality.
Be careful what you wish for....

Williams novel and frightening notion of time travel brings terrible
consequences for Sir Giles.
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