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J W Dunne

'What about that curious feeling that nearly everyone has now and
then experienced - that sudden, fleeting, disturbing conviction that
something which is happening at that moment has happened
before? What about all those dreams which, after being completely
forgotten, are suddenly, for no apparent reason, recalled later in the
day? What is the association which recalls them? Was it possible
that these phenomena were not abnormal, but normal? It was
absolutely inconceivable that a thing of this sort, if true, could have
managed to escape, through all these centuries, universal
perception and recognition.'
J W Dunne

This book about the perfectly normal ability to see the future created
a national commotion in the 1920's.

After establishing his ideas about precognitive dreaming, J W
Dunne, who was one of the founder-members of the Royal Air
Force, outlines his serialism theory of time and consciousness and
goes on to describe the experiment of the title - an experiment the
reader can carry out...
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An Experiment
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