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This is the fourth of Dunne's books on
'Serialism' - his theory of time and
consciousness, which sets out to
address the dual aspects of matter,
energy and self-consciousness.

In this volume Dunne examines the
implications for the individual,
presents arguments for the
immortality of all minds and for the
existence of an overarching

Another thought-provoking volume to
follow on from 'An Experiment with
Time' and 'The Serial Universe'.
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Dunne's conclusions

Dunne's serialism

What about that curious feeling that
nearly everyone has now and then
experienced - that sudden, fleeting,
disturbing conviction that something
which is happening at that moment
has happened before? What about
all those dreams which, after being
completely forgotten, are suddenly,
for no apparent reason, recalled
later in the day? What is the
association which recalls them?
Was it possible that these
phenomena were not abnormal, but
normal? It was absolutely
inconceivable that a thing of this
sort, if true, could have managed to
escape, through all these centuries,
universal perception and
J W Dunne

This book about the perfectly
normal ability to see the future
created a national commotion in the
This book follows 'An Experiment
With Time', and examines the
implications of Dunne's 'Serialism'
for the physical sciences.

Most of the book is accessible to the
interested non-mathematical reader,
and you are unlikely to find a better
short history of the arguments and
experiments giving rise to quantum
theory than that found in part three.

Serialism is the theory that arises
from acknowledging that the
experience of the
passage of time
implies that time requires another
kind of 'time' to 'pass in', however
this acknowledgement alone only
pushes the difficulty onto the second
'time' and a whole series of 'times'
appears to need consideration.
Self-consciousness displays the
same character with the self who is
conscious requiring another 'self' to
be conscious of the consciousness
and so on.
This book was written to bring
'Serialism' to readers who find
mathematics discouraging.

A good introduction to Dunne's
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Paperback 13.00 GBP
Paperback 13.00 GBP
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J W Dunne

Throughout his works on his
Serialism theory of time and
consciousness Dunne has tried to
show that our minds continually
touch a higher condition beyond time
and person.

In this, his last book, he considers
how this higher condition may
intrude into our normal, everyday
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J W Dunne

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