It seems odd, at first, to hear those whose business is lies tell a lie that, while huge,
is very close to the truth, but this is a point-of-view thing. You, the observer, are at
a distance from the hidden truth. They, on the other hand, are very close to it -
immersed in it, even, since they are busy manipulating it.

Any distance away from it will therefore seem greater to them than to
you, being as you are on the outside. The further off from England the
nearer is to France

The truth of personal responsibility has now, like so many other truths, been hijacked by those who wish to keep it
hidden through distortion, and adopted in its distorted form by many of more or less well-meaning intention.

The idea 'Personal responsibility' is often used to AVOID responsibility, by those who assert that it ends at the skin -
you are responsible for your own person and no further. Umm...

We are a ghost in a spacesuit, floating in the sea of nun - universal consciousness - having decided how - in what
form - we wished to manifest. Starting from a point at our centre, we expand to fill one of our dozen eggs until we
have used up all the growing material in there, after which we shrink back, energy wise, until it is time to pop out and
climb back up the silver cord, for a comfort break before starting on another material manifestation.
Only those who allow themselves to be fooled into believing that there is nothing above and beyond the arbitrary
boundary of the spacesuit - or skin, if you prefer - can claim that their 'personal' responsibility stops there.

Usually, these subjects are covered by the terms 'religion' or spirituality' - or 'Spiritualism', a
movement which, in attempting to combine the two notions, has been coerced into becoming a
religion for the purposes of not being burned as witches. Having done so, it makes no claims to
demonstrate anything beyond the fact of survival beyond 'death'; but, having survived - what then?
And 'where' 'were' 'we' 'before' we were 'born'?
The answers to these questions are readily available to us - we already know them. It is only
necessary to retrain our mind to access the levels of our consciousness where they are stored.
Our aim is to reach towards and attract people who would not normally be looking at sites like this,
because we are
all on a 'spiritual path' all our lives - it just takes time to realize it. We can come to
this realization at any time, from any of our incarnations.

Spending time on development may seem like a luxury, but we do in fact owe it to 'others'  to develop
our higher mind, and, if we stop to think, we will see that we owe it to the universe. If we are All One,
we ought all to be moving in the same direction, yes? Otherwise we are like a car driving the wrong
way on the motorway.

Be careful what you wish for... We are co-creators of our universe. We sometimes mess up. We
must first think about what we really do want; balance the energies, set the boundaries and
remember we are All One.

The notion of 'Twelve around One', symbolically depicted in the wheel of Samsara, and the Rosicrucian pelican
image above, relates to the cycle of ascension through rebirth, and is common to many religions, as is the case
distorted, having been intuited by a person of clear vision and presented to whatever section of humanity the
clear-sighted one first approaches. A Pythonesque 'Brian' effect has always followed such revelations; people
generally seeming reluctant to accept the fact of their connection to the centre of the universe, and to each other.
It is as if they know there are secrets 'out there', but that these secrets are not for them to discover and own; rather they
must be guarded by those in charge of such things. Unfortunately, these guardians do not always have the best
interests of their followers at heart. Knowledge is power.

This is a concept often misrepresented as meaning that each of us is responsible
only  for our 'self ', and that our
responsibility ends at our skin. This is a false separation, as if every leaf on a tree believed itself to be an entirely
separate entity. From the moment we can understand the notion,We are responsible for the consequences of our
every thought and action - and these are not separate entities, rather they are stages in a process, for every one of our
thoughts becomes manifest, whether we  want it to or not. As soon as we have formed them, off they go, becoming
denser all the time, bumping into thoughts formed by other people, and causing stuff to happen.
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rosicrucian pelican