We know that Rome later borrowed many of her methods from the ancient Druid faith, and indeed, that Rome adopted the Christian faith
from Britain, not the other way round, in the same way she copied the Culdee trappings – the Flamines, with their red cardinal hat, the
kissing of the toe of the Pope, excommunication, and other characteristics of the Celtic church. It all looks very much as though Rome
seized upon all this as far as practicable; covered up this ecclesiastical larceny by changing and altering all the sacred sites; transferred
them to a region far distant and more convenient, and thus obliterated the true origin and site of Christianity.

The Gnostics and Orphics, says King, regarded Christ as an Aeon, and the Crucifixion as a mythical event. They regarded the Jewish
beliefs, acquired during the Captivity in Babylon, as never instituted by the wisdom of the Almighty.  They disputed the authority of
Moses, and questioned that of the Prophets. They considered that the conquest of Canaan could not be reconciled with the common
notions of humanity and justice, and looked upon the laws of Moses as a mixture of bloody and trifling ceremonies. Moreover, they held
that the Jewish Jehovah, or J.H.V.H., was between a god and a demon, of capricious temperament, implacable and meanly jealous of his
superstitious worship and prerogatives. Some even compared him with the principle of evil, and the Gnostic Basilides said he was an
“angel only”, a word in distant times signifying fiery emanations, hence “consuming fire”.