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ANCIENT HISTORY of Britain and the World

W Camden
Britannia, Annales
Michael Drayton  The Polyolbion
Peter Eddington The Throne of Britain, its Biblical Origin and
Geoffrey of Monmouth  History of the Kings of Britain
Algernon Herbert Britannia After the Romans
G Higgins Celtic Druids, Anacalypsis
Herman L Hoeh  Compendium of World History, Vol 1
B Kennett The Antiquities of Rome
Mallet Northern Antiquities
Aylett Sammes Britannia  Antiqua  
Thomas Smith Life of W Camden
Zimmer Aeneid and Imrama
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D M Murdock (ACHARYA S.)
Blessings to her in her new
abode of light
W Doane Bible Myths
S F Dunlap  Sod, The Son of Man, Sod Adonai, The Ghebers of
Eochaidh the Heremon
Washiyya Hammer Ancient Alphabets
Legends of the Jews
Gerald Massey
The Natural Genesis, The Golden City, Ancient
Egypt, The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ

Edward Bulwer-Lytton
The Coming Race, A Strange Story
Freuhling In Atlantis
Edmund Halley Hollow Earth Presentation to the Royal Society


The Book of Lambspring
George Oliver The History of Initiation
Jack Parsons
Queen Elizabeth and Her Astrologer, The Predicted Plague
W F C Wigston Francis Bacon

J H Hyslop  
Contact With the Other World
George W Meek The Magic of Living Forever
Walter Russell The Universal One

Claude Bristol The Magic of Believing
Kadosh and Hierodom
J R Yarker Articles from Ars Quatuor Coronatum
C de Plancy Dictionnaire Infernal,
North'd MS
Lituus Augurum
Rudolph Steiner Nine Lectures on Bees
Franz Molnar Liliom
C M Pott Francis Bacon and His Secret Society
Picknett and Prince The Templar Revelation
J Bryant Mythology
Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
John J Robinson The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry
S M Linton Mount Heredom Discovered
Swalwell Heredom
Book of Jasher
Conor MacDari Irish Wisdom Preserved in the Bible and
M P Hall Bacon, Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians
Harold Bayley Archaic England
W D Gann The Magic Word
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Vital Message
Ignatius Donnelly Atlantis The Antediluvian World
Bacon The Advancement of Learning
Balzac The Magic Skin
Confessio Fraternitatis
Richard Shaver Daughter of the Night
The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception
The Gate of Remembrance
The Dark Goddess
Upton Sinclair The Machine
Isaac Funk The Psychic Riddle
The Coming Race
H G Wells The Crystal Egg
Plutarch, The Morals
Frazer The Golden Bough
W B Yeats A Vision
Eye of Revelation /Five Tibetan Rites
Robert Grotshead The Twelve Patriarchs
Bouchier Syria as a Roman Province
Lewis Spence Mysteries of Britain
Ancient Solar Technology
Valery Uvarov
for Private Library
Ignatius Donnelly The Great Cryptogram
Gammer Gurton Famous Histories
John Dee Five Books of Mystery
Eight Martinis No 9 Ingo Swann Article