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take a moment to ponder on the reality of cometary collision
as revealed in these shocking reads

featuring the comet that actually hit us 3,500 years ago
and the truth about


Could the Syrian tragedy continue if the truth of its history were brought to light?
If we, the people of the world, knew the truth of the history of our planet and The
Great Deception that has been perpetrated on us for many centuries, could it carry on
like this?
So let's do something about it.
Currently we are all supposed to hold a terror of "ISIS" at the front of our minds
whilst simultaneously hanging on to the dread fear of cometary annihilation.
Let's put it all in context, shall we?
What if I did a Keanu Reeves-type meme face and told you that all the history
you ever learned is a lie?
That ISIS, like Satan, is in fact a name for the comet that caused THE GREAT FLOOD,
That Moses was an arms dealer who plied his trade in York, and that the Tower of Babel
still stands there, near the Hanging Gardens?
That Edinburgh and Jerusalem are one and the same and that Jesus lived in Somerset?

Put like that, it is not something that immediately suggests the solution to WW3, but
give me a moment...

WILLIAM COMYNS BEAUMONT, of the Du Maurier family, was a successful Fleet Street
Editor, but devoted his life to this research, and in his startling yet serious and
thorough works he revises our entire global history and geography, beginning with the
catastrophic notion that a comet, one of a regular albeit infrequent set of visitors,
smashed into the area that is now Britain some 3,500 years ago, causing devastation on
a huge scale, especially to the region of Ur-of-the-Chaldees, now the Orkneys and
Shetlands, and also brought about the Flood of Noah.

The surviving refugees travelled afar in search of new homes and gave us the myth cum
history of Greece and Egypt, among others. Many of the stories we believe pertain to
Greece were actually race memories of the time before the Flood, in Crete - yes, Crete,
which was Britain - the Motherland - in the Underworld of Amenta, reached via a long
sea journey.....

History, Geography and Religion all come under the hammer - or should I say labrys? For
Thor and his companions, as well as all other dread gods and goddesses, reduce down to
that one terrifying star crucified in the heavens. The comet - the Ancient of Days. The
history of the Flood and the cataclysm which instigated it is embedded so deeply in our
psyche that it is scarcely visible to us.

How many trademarks and logos feature a winged globe - the most common depiction of the
comet? And ancient temples and earthworks; underground chambers; legends and fairy
tales; TV shows; folk songs; hymns; labyrinths; dances, including the morris dance; the
hobby horse; the night mare; the white horses carved into our hills; Shakespearean
demons, the dragon, Mr Punch, and the image of the crucified saviour conflated with
Jesus of Nazareth (in Somerset).

Comyns Beaumont explains the importance from ancient times of the cities of
(Jerusalem), Lincoln (Antioch), London (Damascus) and Avebury (Havilah/Bethlehem) - and
most particularly, York, the seat of the ancient Culdees - or Chaldeans - which he
claims to have been Caesarea, Erech and Babylon. Clifford's Tower was the Tower of
Babel and what are now the Museum Gardens were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Don't take my word for this - do follow it up and check the references on the website,
including the notes on Francis Bacon, father of modern freemasonry - and as a
"concealed poet", the author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare. The name was a
cipher, alluding to Pallas Athene, the Spear Shaker - a deified representation of the
same comet. This knowledge is nothing extraordinary to masons and Templars, whose
rituals are another method of preserving the ancient knowledge. The cosmic cycles
sedate us as regularly, like clockwork, so that we have. Every 6000 years or so.

Given such a state of affairs, ought we not to ask some questions about why we
perpetuate a scenario devised some 1600 years ago for the convenience of our Roman  
Captors? Constantine it was who brought about the huge shift in geography which moved
the sites of Ancient History to the Middle East from their original situation in the
British Isles, with many unintended consequences down the line. Surely now, on the
actual brink of WW3 - in so-called Syria - it is time to re-asses our attitude, and
with open heart and mind, say in all honesty, "JE SUIS SYRIEN."

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